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Be remembered as someone who made a difference

Make a Difference

If you could change the world through science, what would you do? Stop a disease in its tracks? Protect the environment? Advance technology? Personalise medical treatments? Maybe even shoot for the moon?

Whatever your goal, scientists at the Weizmann Institute are working on it. Like you they want scientific discovery to benefit humanity. By choosing to leave a legacy in your will to Weizmann you are choosing to play an essential part in changing the world for the better. The impact of that choice will continue to be felt long into the future.

Like you, Weizmann scientists are dreaming of making life changing breakthroughs. Your gift will give them the opportunity to succeed. Now that is a legacy.

You and Your Legacy

Deciding to leave a legacy is a sensitive and personal decision and we recognise that each person’s wishes and circumstances are unique. You may have a particular area of scientific research or education you want to support or you may wish to direct your gift according to the Weizmann Institute’s most pressing priorities.

You may wish to make your gift as a specific amount of money or a specific asset, or as a proportion of, or the remainder of your estate once family and friends have been taken care of. Whatever your wishes and circumstances, if you are considering making a legacy gift to Weizmann, we would be delighted to discuss it with you so that you can be confident that your gift will be managed effectively and directed in a way that is most meaningful to you.

By making us aware of your intentions we can explore different options with you and help you to ensure that your gift is tax-efficient. Sharing your legacy plans with us also helps us to thank and acknowledge your generosity during your lifetime. While we would love to discuss with you ways in which you can leave a gift to Weizmann, we recommend that you always seek professional legal advice when making a will. To find out more about leaving a legacy please contact us.

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Zohar Menshes

Executive Vice President

Larisa Claru

Director for Resource Development

Roberta Breiter

Roberta Breiter

Director for Resource Development
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany & Austria

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Erez Manhaimer

Director for Resource Development
Central and Northern Europe