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Flagship Initiative

Environmental Sustainability

The climate crisis affects every aspect of our civilization. To change our trajectory, we need to develop science-driven, fundamental breakthroughs that revolutionize how we live. And we need to do it faster than ever before. We can no longer accept small steps forward. And we can’t leave the course of scientific discovery to chance – to the fluctuations of market forces, international politics, and human behaviour.

By accelerating the path from scientific investigation to technological development to widespread adoption, the Environmental Sustainability Flagship at the Weizmann Institute of Science will get the latest advances out of the lab and into daily use at breakneck speed.

Turning the Tide on the Environmental Crisis

The Weizmann Advantage

Powered by our world-leading fundamental and multidisciplinary research approach, the Institute for Environmental Sustainability (IES) will lay the scientific foundations needed to develop and monitor these real-world solutions.

Backed by the full force of our bold, agile and collaborative culture, it will work as a dedicated platform for education, support, data, shared resources and collaboration across disciplines and research centers.

As of 2020, products based on Weizmann research have generated billions of dollars in global sales. The Weizmann Institute of Science’s Bina incubator unit and Yeda tech transfer arm have an outstanding track record of translating scientific and technological breakthroughs into useful applications, and they will feed a pipeline of innovation that can help reverse the negative impacts of climate change and create a healthier planet.

As global leaders in science for the benefit of humanity our goal is to make the next 10 years count.

“The next ten years are crucial. We have so many environmental challenges in front of us. And, I think science is what gives us rational optimism, in order to deal with those challenges.”

— Prof. Ron Milo, Co-Leader of Weizmann’s Institute for Environmental Sustainability

The Flagship Difference

You can become a valued partner in one of humanity’s greatest scientific endeavors: an exceptional effort to allow us to continue to live and thrive on this planet. Combining the Weizmann Institute’s track record for breakthrough research and your generosity, the Institute for Environmental Sustainability is a vital opportunity to launch meaningful scientific advances with a proven pathway for technology transfer. If we act now, every penny of investment from the Weizmann Institute of Science and our partners can start making a difference right away – and change the course of humanity’s future in the long term. Helping lead us all to a more hopeful future.

For the Benefit of Humanity

The next 10 years are crucial. We need to accelerate the path from investigation to development to adoption – getting the latest advances out of the lab and into widespread use. By bringing together scientists and partners focusing on climate change, alternative energy and food security – and activating our established pipeline to fast-moving technology startups – we can generate the radical breakthroughs and innovative systems we desperately need. And you can help us get there. For today, for tomorrow, and for the future of humanity.


A new artificial intelligence method could improve the accuracy of dust-storm forecasting around the world
Why do parts of Earth become rainforests, whereas others turn into deserts? A new study exposes the far-reaching impact of human activity on a global airflow phenomenon that crucially affects Earth’s regional climates
A new initiative at the Weizmann Institute puts used gear back in business
​A Weizmann Institute study shows that some bacteria that hitch a long-distance ride on desert dust particles may touch down alive and kicking
Wild land mammals weigh less than 10 percent of the combined weight of humans and are outweighed by cattle and other domesticated mammals by a factor of 30
Researchers have produced the first global estimate of the combined weight of all land insects and related arthropods
In a major step toward greener industry, Weizmann Institute scientists create a computational method for generating enzymes with unprecedented efficiency

We are working to advance the Weizmann Institute’s curiosity-based research for the benefit of humanity and we need your help. Whether you are a scientist, a philanthropist, or a passionate advocate for science, we need your insight and support to make our mission a reality.

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